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Great quality merchandise. Always has been. Always had good customer service, too, which is always a good quality in businesses. That is why they have been in business so many years.

Patti R

I'm a big fan of toys, models, jewelry kits n I'm always in New Britain so its very easy n convenient for me to go to Amatos. Awesome place. If u get a chance to go make sure u do. U won't b disappointed.

Allison Y

Loved the place. Great people to talk to, huge selection and great variety. My son and I were looking for specific car models and the elderly Gentleman at the back of the store was helpful we have been there a few time's and it is worth it

Robert A

This place is amazing. I highly recommend going here. The prices are very reasonable the staff is very friendly and they know what they're talking about. This place is just all around a good spot to go get lost in, even if you just want to start off a hobby this is definitely the spot to go to.

Saen O.

Thanks Matt for all your help with my son's r/c truck. Without your help finding the right parts, the truck would be sitting in the garage. He’s back outside using it going off the ramps and zipping it across the yard. Anyone looking for a good remote control vehicle should definitely purchase it from Amato's.

Barbara T.

I love that Amatos is still alive and well. I love your store and all of you are so friendly and knowledgeable. I have had nothing but great experiences at your store. Keep up the great work!!

Lisette M.

A great place to buy remote control vehicles! Matt is an expert and helping find the right one and purchasing parts.

Barbara T.

Matt is our R/C specialist. Here is what Abby had to say about her experience in our store. "Matt was extremely helpful. We appreciated his knowledge and patience."

Abby H.

Visited for the first time this morning and was pleasantly surprised. Not only is your store big, but the selection is wonderful. Made me feel like a kid again. The prices are good and I was very excited to find some oldies, but goodies. Parking at the drive in garage was easy and free from your validation stamp. I will definately be back!! Thank you for bringing back memories

Nicole R

I call Amato's NB my "Happy Place". When I need a break from work, I go to Amato's New Britain.

Steve Z.

This toy store is a family owned business that has always been supportive of its community. The family is very active in New Britain. The store is known for its extensive collection of model plane kits, car kits, train kits and all their accessories. Arts and Crafts products are also available and many other educational toys. They are loaded with toys that will allow your child's imagination, fine motor and gross motor skills to grow! If you want a store meant for children without the sales gimmics of Toys R Us or other chain branches, stroll into their storre! I highly recommend them.

John D

I just wanted to write you and say thanks for selling such great products - I like so many of them! I bought something from you about three months ago and now, as I was looking to buy a similar thing, I immediately thought of you and went straight to your website! :-) So - thanks again! /Peter

Peter H

greatest toy store in the area..you should visit it if you haven't, great deals on all kinds of toys, take the kids...and older kids go see.best trains in the area

Frank B

If you haven't experienced Amato's you must make the trip. It will definitely bring you back to a much more enjoyable place and the treasures are many.

Jan P

this is just like the greatest toy store around... again giving back to the community...get your toys at Amato's for Christmas this year and show your appreciation

Frank B

Thank you, you two have the absolute #1Best Hobby Store in CT. Thank you for being in business our family greatly appreciate all you have done to teach our children and make life better.


A Father's Gift: Christmas Past, Present In A Terrible Year, A Plan To Make Things Merry By SPENCER GORDON | COMMENTARY The Hartford Courant December 20, 2013 2010 was a really tough year. I essentially lost it all. In the early spring, I was forced to close my business in bankruptcy. As summer turned to fall, my divorce was final. And by the end of the year, I was laid off from my new job. Christmas was coming and, despite all that had happened, I was looking forward to the holiday. My son turned four that summer and his favorite thing in the world was trains. He watched Thomas the Train videos, read books with me about trains and played with toy trains for hours. With this in mind, I had a special gift set aside and was getting more and more excited about him opening it on Christmas. Buried in an antique steamer trunk, beneath old blankets and books was a brand new, limited edition Lionel train set — still sealed in its box. It was a gift from my father. Years earlier, I had gone to work for the same company as my Dad. The company was celebrating its 95th anniversary and had commissioned a special edition Lionel train set to mark the occasion. By the time I was hired, the sets were gone. But on Christmas, I opened a large box from my dad with one of the train sets inside. The following summer I lost my father. That train set was his last Christmas present to me. I never opened it, I just put it away. Now, two days before Christmas, I took the train set out and put it together. I wanted it ready to go on Christmas. Then, when my son opened up his gift, he could put the trains on the track and off they'd go. I set it up, placed the cars on the track, plugged it in and ... nothing. I tried again and again and still ... nothing. I didn't panic. It was still early in the evening and there was a hobby shop nearby that specialized in model trains. Key train parts in hand, I set out. The place was packed with last-minute shoppers. I finally got the attention of one of their train experts. She showed me a replacement part that would consume my gift budget. I felt a lump in my throat. Then, she put my locomotive on a test track ... nothing. After hearing the cost of a new locomotive and the broken part, my heart sank. There was no way I could afford this. My Christmas dreams were crushed. I sat in my car fighting back panic and tears. I had failed at making this Christmas special for my son. I felt defeated. But, as I had done for most of the year, I went into survival mode. I remembered seeing signs for Lionel trains in a toy and hobby store a few towns away. I called. They were open for a couple more hours. I had time. And, what's more, I had hope. My train parts in hand, I walked into Amato's. I made my way to aisles filled with train sets, cars, landscapes and tracks. There, I explained my plight. The man helping me smiled, took the pieces from me and said he would be back shortly. I looked around, considering some smaller trains sets, if I was forced to change my plan. I knew my little boy could care less about what train he got. As long as it went around the track under its own power, he would be thrilled. But the significance of this gift was important to me. Minutes later, the man emerged from the back room. He was holding my controller and a piece of track. He put the clip from the controller on the tracks and asked me if I had set things up this way. I had. With an amused smirk, he asked how much I would pay to get my train set running. I paused. "It depends, I suppose." "Well," he said, "if you take the clip and move it from here to there it will work just fine." Then he showed me. I was in shock. "Really? That's it? And what about the engine?" "I tested that too," he replied. "There's nothing wrong with it." I was dumbfounded. Suddenly, my son's Christmas surprise was back on track. I asked how much I owed. "Not a thing," he said. I shook his hand and looked him square in the eye, trying express just how much his kindness meant. He reached under the counter, pulled out a mason jar full of his homemade peach preserves and handed it to me. "Merry Christmas," he said. "Made with peaches from the tree in my front yard." I felt like I was in a Hallmark Channel holiday film. Still in disbelief, I took the jar and thanked him again. Back in my car, I just smiled. My eyes got misty as a wave of relief washed over me. I drove home thinking about all the events of that year and how my path had put me in that store on that evening. So, if there is anyone out there who doesn't believe in Santa Claus, I can tell you from experience; he is real, and he is alive and well ... working in a wonderful, old toy and hobby shop in New Britain.

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